D' Golden Sunrise Resort in Mati and its Astonishing Surprises for Travelers

April 05, 2018

After seeing some places in Mati, it's time to give our restless feet a break.

A huge, eye-catching tarpaulin sporting every thing we need to see inside had us all caught up at first glance so after a short inquiry we've decided to book our rooms at D' Golden Sunrise Resort!

Located at Punta Gemilina, Barangay Bad-as, D' Golden Sunrise is (if I am not mistaken) the first Resort in Mati that you can come across with if (like us) you are coming from Tagum City.

More than its being a nice place to stay in general, the resort also comes with some jaw-dropping surprises that will truly attract visitors, especially travel bloggers like me.

Here, let me give you a tour...

These floating cottages, if I get it right, is the primary physical attraction of the resort.

There are two decks of them...

Notice that the area is caged. The very down-to-earth resort's owner whom I happened to meet is actually rearing different fish here. Lucky if you're an early riser because you'll get to watch if not feed the fish by yourself. I did watch. :D

Is swimming allowed in the area? It didn't say no really, but, at your own risk I guess.

Moving on, here's the bright colored rooms and very relaxing lounges. It comes with long tables in front where you can have meals.

Over here is another row of cottages of different design as well as the parking ground.

The resort's entrance describes safety. The gate is kept close which will of course leave the visitors at peace.

They also have a quite huge function hall which is still under renovation. It can be used though in going to the floating cottages.

Safe bricked path...

For non-sea water persons, this is the pool side. They have one average sized  for kids and another five feet deep for adults. Entrance is P80.00/head. The pool closes at 9:o'clock in the evening.

Floating Cottage Room Rates:

Room for 4 pax - P800.00/night with air-condition, flat screen cable TV, built in bathroom
Room for 2 pax - P600.00/night with air-condition, flat screen cable TV, built in bathroom
Dorm for 8 - 10 pax - P600/night with air-condition, flat screen cable TV, non- built in bathroom

More photos of us around the floating cottages...

The Beach

Expect no white sand beach here... but you can be adventurous like these two and swim anyway regardless of how it like out there. I didn't bother that time, although the water still looks just as good to me.

Having a little fun with this sea creature before I had to return them home...

And now the most amazing part... THE GOLDEN SUNRISE!

Looking at the resort's name for the first time, it actually stirred my inquisitive self. But I didn't ask anyone in the resort at all because I wanted to discover it by myself.

True enough, this jaw-dropping wonder unfolded itself before me as it rises like it should from exactly where I am at. It was like an early morning date with this marvel as it was only me who seems paying attention as it rises. It made me take a lot of shots, actually.

Now, it all make sense! I am a sky watcher but I haven't seen such stunning beauty my whole life until I've visited D' Golden Sunrise Resort! How fortunate was that?!

According to an author, "There's a sunrise and a sunset every single day. They're absolutely free. Don't miss so many of them".

Camera used for all the taken photos: VIVO Y53.

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