Summer at Bonhomie Leisure and Resort

April 21, 2018

It's summer and everybody wants to go on a break, relax and unwind. We were used to be given a summer treat each year in school, but not this time, for whatever reason. And so, few of my colleagues at work along with their families and I came up with a deal to go on a jaunt by ourselves.

After about a week or two of planning and deciding which place to go, we've finally made up our minds to try somewhere we've never been before and that happens to be BONHOMIE Leisure and Resort - the only first class beach resort in the town of Banay-Banay, Davao Oriental!

We planned to stay for the night so we came in just around the required check-in time - (2:00 P.M.) We didn't have any reservation so we walked in to see the place and eventually booked a cottage. Yes, it was just an open cottage for us since setting up a tent is actually allowed and is free of charge.

As soon as we were settled, we immediately started looking around...

I couldn't stop taking some pictures of the reception area and its unique embellishments.

The furniture...

The Infinity Pool...

The beach lounge...

The loungers :D

Wait... I am not even half way done with the photos yet. That's what I actually like going to and seeing a place for the first time. It leaves my camera wander all it wants. :D
Well here at Bonhomie, there's a lot that you can do, which in most cases are for free. This raft is for one. They actually have two huge ones that the guests can use at any time.

See the supposed destination? That's few meters away from the shore and the kids in us were dying to get there... And so all we had to do is to grab the rope and pull...

.... and pull... and pull

Now, our sweet prize! :D

That was just priceless... 

By the way, we owe big time to our buddy, Apple who most of the time deprived her self of being in the picture just to bring us awesome memories of this wonderful place to keep.

If diving is your cup of tea, this place comes just about perfect. 

I may know how to swim but coming up to this point of the diving board alone actually gave me goosebumps. I guess the above photo has it to tell. LOL!

But not anymore with this pose, though. :D

Of course, above all the fun making, no one wants to miss the beach.

Bonhomie beach is something everyone of all ages would love. It is clear and calm. 

The fact that we came on weekdays, it made us all feel like we're in our own private place with only so few people around.

More of our photos around....

The scenery...

Apart from what has been mentioned, beach volley ball and a pool table can also be enjoyed at Bonhomie. Water sports such as kayaking, boating and snorkeling can be availed at a certain rate per hour.

A resort restaurant is present too, though we didn't try any of their food as we brought in our own while we also cooked some. I am not sure about corkage but as far as I  know we weren't charged of any - both food and drinks.

Capping it all up, here are what to expect at Bonhomie:

Nature at its best, reasonable cost, several leisure activities for fun, safe for kids, roomy and nice open cottages, floating cottages, distinctively-designed rooms, relaxing environment and of course, the commendable service.

How to get there:

Bonhomie is situated along the National Highway of Puntalinao, Banay-Banay Davao Oriental and a 30 - 45 minute ride from Tagum City or 2 - 4 hours from Davao City.

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