Summer and Places to See in Mati, Davao Oriental

April 02, 2018

Another summer season is up and it's good to pick up where I left here with something fresh to talk about. Like most others do, I have mine pretty much planned as well.

We always wanted to end our every summer destination with good memories to keep so we take them one at a time.

So here I would like to start with my first summer destination this year (which by the way, is not originally my personal plan, though I'm glad I came along)- DAVAO ORIENTAL!

image not mine

Coined as the Coconut Capital of the Philippines, Davao Oriental is a province in the Philippines situated in the Davao Region in Mindanao. Its capital is Mati. But before we get there I would like to highlight the SLEEPING DINOSAUR - one of the province's popular tourist attractions, located at Bad-as, Barangay Dawan, Mati.

You don't want to miss this wonder while making way to the province of Mati. Just before reaching the town proper, a view deck is set for the tourists to stop, see and take pictures of the renowned Sleeping Dinosaur Island.

Of course as expected, there were already a lot of curious folks ahead of us when we get there.

With the crowd, It was a little hard to find a good spot where you can actually take good shots with the sleeping dinosaur in the background.

Someone had to try harder for me, though. :D

A lot of people may be wondering like I do as to the story behind this myth.

Is it really a (living) creature ? Or is it just another typical island with an extraordinary shape? Who knows?

I think that is something for me to find out should I be given another chance to visit the place again. For the meantime, enjoy the view while the dinosaur is in deep slumber.

Another thing you don't want to miss doing while in Mati is a stop by the BAYWALK!

Situated at the heart of Mati, Baywalk is a municipal park where important events of the town are held. At any time of the day, it welcome both tourists and locals who would like to enjoy the ambiance and feel the cool breeze with friends and family while enjoying the stunning view - all for free!

Upon entering the park, you will be welcomed by its iconic, huge greeting that reads: I Heart Mati. I think it is but customary to strike a pose for a picture with things like this especially if you are in a place for the first time. :D

It was late afternoon when we were there... almost dinner time actually so park goers started to flock around. And so while they do, we also started to spot for a place to dine in.

Just right outside the park are numerous dining places to choose from so we didn't have to look further. We settled to an ordinary seafood place where the food matters over the establishment's interior. I think that was about the same fulfillment that we get after.

It's getting darker and it's no longer any good for us to roam around so right after dining we've decided to go back to the place where we've booked to stay for the night - GOLDEN SUNRISE BEACH RESORT, still in Mati and the story about it will come up here next.

For the mean time....


First off, you need to fly to Davao if you are from Luzon or Visayas or anywhere in the world.

Davao City is approximately an hour and 45 minutes by plane from Manila and about 45 minutes from Cebu.

Mati City is approximately 3 hours away from Davao City by private vehicles and about 4-5 hour bus ride.

On the other hand, if you are coming from the northern part of the region (i.e. Surigao del Sur, Agusan del Sur, San Francisco), you may want to take yourselves to Tagum Overland Transport Integrated Terminal. From there, you catch a bus that is bound to Mati. That is about 2-hour ride.

The only setback though, if you are coming by a public transportation is that you will not be able to make a stop along the way whenever you feel like there's a need to.

In my case where I document every detail (big or small) of my travel, a private vehicle would work well for me as much as possible. Van for hire, for example is always around when we need one.

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