Summer Day at Puting Bonbon

April 13, 2018

Spending summer with family or friends doesn't have to be pricey all the time. I am a summer frolic and so is my family. And so every summer time,  I always make it a point to bring them out to the beach! 

This time, it's Puting Bonbon!

As soon as Summer time here in the Philippines kicks in, Puting Bonbon Beach Resort is all over Facebook. A lot of people are talking about it. In fact, some group of people are offering travel packages to the place along with pictures shown that were truly enticing.  It must have been a cool place to be, I told myself. 

But surprisingly, for folks like us who came from the same province where the resort is located, a travel package is obviously not needed. 

I actually had two attempts to see the place. The first one was with different travel buddies in which for some reason didn't turn out successful... but it did with my family the second time around.

Puting Bonbon (puti  means white and bonbon means powdered sand) is a new addition to Magnaga Waters resort in Pantukan, Compostela Valley Province. It is in fact, the most-visited resort as per personal observation at present time... probably because it is budget friendly. It is a low-end (in terms of amenities) yet a very relaxing resort to be with family and friends. 

Here is the view one can expect from the place.

It is mentioned about it being a low-end beach resort, primarily because it is cheap from the entrance fee of P10.00/head to the open cottage rent which I believe is no more than P500.00. Tables under coconut trees can also be utilized for P150.00 only. In addition, setting up a tent is also free of charge as well as bringing your own food. I mean taking in unlimited food is fine. 

The resort also has a mid-sized function hall where events such as birthdays, camp, or meetings can be held. Parking is way too spacious.

An overnight stay at the resort is permitted but notice that rooms are not available. If you must, you may set up tents. The absence of a restaurant, bar or even a canteen is another downside although nearby stores are just within reach.

In other words, all you can literally enjoy here is just the beach.

However, if you are a little adventurous like me and my family, you may want to try chartered boating just around the resort for only P30.00/head with a maximum of ten passengers per an hour ride. 

This is my family gearing up for a boat ride...

For this ride, you'll be given two chances to take a few minutes dip in two different places...and just by the boat. :D

Here, my mom came out to be the most daring of us all, and that's for jumping out in the water without wearing a vest. She's a really good swimmer, though.

More of us here...

We all have different standards when it comes to places where we want to spend time to with family especially during summer.

Puting Bonbon may not be that pleasing to some but it is one of the popular places listed under Pantukan Beaches to date. And as to why it is flocked by many despite its limitations, only people can really tell.

As for my family, we enjoyed the place a lot.

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