Hello! Glad you're here. I know you're going to look for this page eventually to know what it is all about exactly.

As I have mentioned in my welcome post, this is where I am going to narrate the details of my travel experiences be it a short or a long one, an ordinary or special ones.

It took me long time to convince myself I can do this like everyone else out there did. I used to think I can only talk about a particular thing so much and can't sustain a niche blog like this. Well, I just made it official. I am one of them now and yea, that's just made me feel awesome in my own right, LOL!

However, I can't please everybody. That's just one tough task. Though I am wishing I could somehow bring you an inspiration regardless of the amount through my humble written and published stories here. I shall be doing that regularly so you can always check the page back from time to time.

Lastly, I love comments as much as I love doing it and it really will delight me to read your valuable thoughts. :)